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Surgical masks method of use

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Surgical masks method of use

Surgical masks are commonly used in high-demand environments such as medical outpatients, laboratories and operating rooms. The safety factor is relatively high, and the resistance to bacteria and viruses is strong. Surgical masks can also be used to protect against the flu.


Method of use

· cover the mouth and nose with a mask carefully and tie it firmly to minimize the space between the face and the mask;

· avoid touching the mask when in use -- wash hands with soap and water or alcohol after touching the used mask, for example to remove or clean the mask;

· change to a new clean and dry mask after it becomes damp or damp;

· do not reuse disposable masks. Disposable masks should be discarded after each use and disposed of immediately after removal.

· while there are other shelters available to replace standard surgical masks (such as cotton masks, turbans, mask paper, and strips of cloth covering the nose and mouth), information on the effectiveness of such materials is lacking.

· if this type of alternative shelter is used, it should be used only once, or if it is a cotton mask, it should be cleaned thoroughly after each use (i.e., at room temperature with household detergent). It should be removed immediately after nursing the patient. Wash your hands immediately after removing the mask.

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